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Let's get everybody in.

Year One Goal

We want you to build a relationship with someone disconnected from God.

Friend them on social media.

Add them as a contact in your phone.

Hang out with them.

And by December 2020? Have a faith conversation with them.

What would happen if we give everyone an invite to the table — believing everybody has something to bring, and every generation some wisdom to share? What if we believed God could change our city in the next 5 years?


We’re asking Everybody In, so that we can invite Everybody In.

Share Online

Let us know what bridge building means to you and tell us you're in on social media. Use the hashtag #FHCEVERYBODYIN.

Tell Us About It

Share your bridge building story with us so we can use it to encourage others to do the same.


Your generosity is one of the ways that helps propel our mission and vision forward.

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